Maxon od 808 vs ibanez ts 808

Über 650 Ibanez-Produkte auf Lager bei Thomannm Europas #1 für Musike We compare two famous overdrive/boost pedals, the 808 series from Ibanez and Maxon. Shop online: Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal https://w.. Hab auch woanderst schonmal gelesen dass sich Maxon OD808 und Ibanez Ts-808 nur durch das Gehäuse quasi unterscheiden. Soundchip sei der gleiche, und iwo hab ich mal ein vergleichvideo gesehen von den beiden. Ibanez Tubescreamer 9 vs Ibanez Tubescreamer 808 vs Maxon OD 808 und ich hab zwischen 808 und 9er serie kaum unterschied gehört. und zwischen den maxon 808 und ibanez 808 hab ich.

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test between a ts 808 and od 808 (Ibanez vs. Maxon) Guitar: Fender Stratocaster American Standard 2004 (Seymour duncan JBjunior on bridge position, David Bar.. The OD808 has the traditional buffers, however Maxon has deviated from the 808 formula by changing the two output resistors to reduce noise levels. The result is that the new values make the OD808 electronically identical to an original TS9, rather than a TS808 Just wondering what the differences are in these two pedals. From what I have gathered Maxon used to make the pedals for Ibanez, the same chip, whatever it is, is used in both the pedals. How is the durability and sound of the Maxon vs. the TS 808. I have an opportunity to buy a Maxon OD for $75...

LEGENDARY GREEN BOXES: Ibanez TS808 vs Maxon OD808

The Maxon OD-9 has alot more bass than the OD-808 in my experience. You have mentioned several times how easy the OD-808 is to mod to true bypass, do you know of a site that would help me with that, I have 3PDT switches in stock... The Maxon OD-808 is actually a TS-10 circuit D. doc36 Member. Messages 173. Feb 1, 2010 #10 Well that may have just changed my mind! vintage66 Member. Messages 6,633. Feb 1, 2010 #11 I've also read that it is and 808 circuit with it being just the output resistors that were changed-actually it's Maxon's site that says this, as I just went there to verify, and they say it makes no audible. Ibanez TS808 vs. MAXON OD808 vs. Fulltone OCD Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment the full tone sounds better as a standalone pedal for a clean channel. i use a maxon 808 with my evh 5150III. i use to think i had to much low cut but i have since changed my mind mniel8195, Sep 4, 2012 #8. Damo707 Ibaninja. Messages: 240 Likes Received: 8. Joined: Feb 9, 2006 Location: Gold Coast Australia. i am. Tube Screamer TS808 vs TS Mini - What are the major differences? Hi all, i'm off into my local store today to try out both the ts808 and the ts mini, but as my ears may not be as good as some of yours, I thought it would be best to ask whether any of you have noticed particular differences between the two? I'm going to assume that the price tag means something! Thanks. 21 comments. share. save.

Maxon OD 808 vs Ibanez TS 808. Beitrag von slowhandmot » So 15. Jan 2012, 16:22 Hallo zusammen, und wieder soll es was neues geben in meiner Padel Sammlung. Ich wollte mir dann doch mal einen neuen Overdrive holen. Da bin ich doch glatt wie schon vor langer Zeit bei dem alten Ibanez TS 808 gelandet. Ok das Teil kostet 200€ im Laden, ist ja schon mal eine Hausnummer. Aber es gibt ja noch das. Re: Ibanez TS808 vs. Maxon OD808 Originally posted by proxy They are pretty much the same pedal however from what I understand, the Maxon's have inferior parts and construction Maxon/Ibanez chose that chip because it was stupid cheap. Any different ones in the 808's were simply where Ibanez was procuring the cheapest stock at the time. It doesn't matter if it's the TI chip, the Malaysian RC, or whatever. The newer DD chips are the same, just have a better noise floor Ende der 70er Jahre tauchte der Ibanez Tube Screamer 808 auf, ein Overdrive mit wirklich röhrenartiger Charakteristik, damals eine Sensation. Sein Nachfolger, der TS 9, fand ebenso großen Anklang und findet sich seither auf unzähligen Pedalboards der ganz Großen. Nachdem der TS9 schon vor Jahren als Reissue-Modell neu aufgelegt wurde, war es nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis der noch gefragtere. The design was unveiled in 1979 and was aimed at the domestic Japanese market under its own Maxon brand as the OD-808 Overdrive, while Nisshin's customer, the Hoshino Gakki company, cornered the overseas market with the circuit in the guise of its Ibanez-branded TS-808 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro

Ibanez TS9 vs. TS808 - Which is the best choice? When you closely look at the product details displayed on the manufacturer's website, you'll notice that TS9 is referred to as the reissue of the authentic and original Tube Screamer. While TS9's design is similar to the design of Tube Screamer original version, there are some key differences between TS9 and TS808. If you use a solid. Der erste Tubescreamer TS808 erschien 1979 Jahre als Nachfolger des orangefarbenen Overdrivepedals OD850, das jedoch in seinem Klangcharakter eher an ein Fuzzpedal erinnerte und im Gegensatz zum TS nur bedingt dem Namen Overdrive gerecht wurde. Auch wenn der Tubescreamer von Ibanez produziert wurde, stammte die Schaltung doch von Susumu Tamura vom Hersteller Maxon, an der Hoshino Gakki die. Ibanez TS-808 vs BOSS OD-1 編 昨今のブティック・エフェクターやモディファイ・モデルの隆盛には驚かされます。 皆さん、ご存じのように、毎年、毎月、まさに星の数ほどと言ったら大げさでしょうか

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Mit dem OD-9 präsentiert Maxon eine Neuauflage des Ibanez TS 909, dem Nachfolger des Ibanez Tubescreamers TS 808. Anfang der Achtziger kreierte der japanische Hersteller diesen Overdrive für Ibanez, blieb selbst aber im Hintergrund. Wie der legendäre TS 808 war auch der TS 909 Teil der äußerst erfolgreichen Pedalserie, einer Serie die Rockgeschichte geschrieben hat, und mit der Ibanez. Ibanez TS Mini. 74 € 1040 . Harley Benton Vintage Overdrive Maxon OD-808 = klassicher etwas nasaler mumpfiger Maxon OD-9 = dichterer Zerrsound, etwas nasaler mumpfiger Maxon VOP-9 Vintage = dem OD-9 ähnlich aber dunkler und noch etwas mumfiger vom sound. Maxon RTO 700 = warm, flexibel, transparenter, druckvoll dynamisch, eher wie Rörenkanal des Amps, als ein Bodentreter Richtig. Maxon has released under their own brand the OD808 which is built identically to the treasured TS-808. Before jumping into the specifics on the Maxon OD808 I thought it would be good to take a brief look at the history of the Tube Screamer. Tube Screamer History The Tube Screamer as we know it today started in the late 70's with the TS-808.

Demo Ibanez TS-808 vs Maxon OD-808 - YouTub

J'aimerais savoir quelle sont les différences notables entre une Maxon OD-9 et l'Ibanez TS-9 , la Maxon OD-808 et l'Ibanez TS-808 mise à part leur prix. Chez Thotho en coûte 20 balles moins chère les Maxon. Je sais que Maxon faisait les TS pour Ibanez à l'époque mais aujourd'hui pour avoir un bon son dans le style SRV, Hendrix ( en se basant sur Voodoo Child Slight Return ) laquelle. OD 808 vs. TS9 Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by nikmti, Oct 16, 2008. Page 1 As to the TS-9 vs 808, well, I'd say try both out, but generally there won't be a massive difference betweene the two, just a slight flavouring. Just put in front of the amp, and all good . 7 Dying Trees, Oct 16, 2008 #3. migreeni Well-Known Member. Messages: 45 Likes Received: 3. Joined: Sep 1, 2008. Maxon OD-808 - Overdrive Pedal (orig. TS-808 Tubescreamer !) Its not correct to call the Maxon OD-808 a Ibanez TS-808 clone, but Maxon actually was the company who desiged the OD-808 overdrive circuit in the late 70s and Ibanez sold this very same circuit as the famous TS-808 Tubescreamer overdrive pedal who wrote history News GTR Ibanez Maxon Wampler Blindtest Effekt Pedal Shootout Tipp TS808 Tube Screamer Vergleich Video . Das könnte Dich auch interessieren. So sinnlos sind Unsummen für die alten Tube Screamer TS808 und TS9 . Fuzz Überdosis = 52x Pedale + fast 2,5 Stunden Video . Mini Tube Screamer TS808 - braucht den jemand? Legenden vereint: Rat und Tube Screamer im Magnetic Effects Dual Drive. Ibanez TS808 vs. MAXON OD808 vs. Fulltone OCD Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment the full tone sounds better as a standalone pedal for a clean channel. i use a maxon 808 with my evh 5150III. i use to think i had to much low cut but i have since changed my mind mniel8195, Sep 4, 2012 #8. Damo707 Ibaninja. Messages: 240 Likes Received: 8. Joined: Feb 9, 2006 Location: Gold Coast Australia. i am.

I am wondering if the Maxon OD808 is the same as the Ibanez Tubescreamer 808? I heard originally that Maxon used to make the peals for Ibanez and has the same circuitry and chips, and have even heard that the Maxon sounds better. Someone at a local music store said that I was wrong about the Maxo.. One of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality guitars and basses Maxon OD808 vs Ibanez TS808.... Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Maxon OD808 vs Ibanez TS808.... By Killzone, October 6, 2010 in Amps. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. 1980's Ibanez UE-300 The UE-300 by Ibanez is a free standing floor unit that has the original CP-9 compressor, the TS-9 TUBE SCREAMER and the CS-9 chorus bundled together. It was from the UE series that Ibanez came into their own by making these effects into single box units. Willste den TS 808 haben 2 Wiederstände musst du verändern. Dann.

Ibanez TS808 vs. Maxon OD9 vs. Maxon OD808 Sign in to follow this . Followers 0. Ibanez TS808 vs. Maxon OD9 vs. Maxon OD808. By vickno, March 11, 2010 in Amps. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. vickno. Despite the fact that Ibanez shrunk down the TS-808, they made every effort to capture that iconic sound. The fact I got lost just jamming away for 30 minutes before even touching the knobs was a very good sign. While the TS-808 sound is undeniably present in the TSMINI, I eventually realized that I hadn't even bothered trying to fine-tune the sound or adapt it to my guitar and amp. Sure.

Ach ja.weiter oben habe ich gelesen, dass Maxon früher den TS für Ibanez gebaut hat. Ist soweit übrigens auch richtig bzw. die haben den mitentwickelt. Allerdings liegt das Markenrecht bzw. der exakte Bauplan urheberrechtlich geschützt bei Ibanez. Das wird auch der einzige Grund sein warum Maxon in seine version des 808 diese zwei anderen Widerstände einbaut Der Maxon OD808X trägt nicht ohne Grund die magische Zahl 808 in seinem Namen - sein Vorbild ist der Ibanez TS 808, der aber eigentlich auch schon Maxon hätte heißen können. Verwirrend? Hier gibt's Aufklärung

Maxon OD808 & OD-9 vs Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Shootout

  1. ed the OD.
  2. At the end of the 70s, the Ibanez Tube Screamer 808 appeared, an overdrive with truly tube-like characteristics, creating a sensation. Its successor, the TS 9, was also well received and has appeared since then on innumerable Pedalboards of the very biggest guitarists. Since then, the TS9 has been reissued a few years ago, and it was only a matter of time before the still much-demanded.
  3. While the 808-style overdrive circuit is commonplace nowadays, in 1979 it was a unique design and an industry first Ibanez Tubescreamer 9 vs Ibanez Tubescreamer 808 vs Maxon OD 808 und ich hab zwischen 808 und 9er serie kaum unterschied gehört. und zwischen den maxon 808 und ibanez 808 hab ich garkeinen unterschied festgestellt. Weiß es aber eben nicht ob das jemand anders empfindet, aber.
  4. Maxon OD 808 overdrive vs Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by Destructionuponusguitar, May 23, 2013. Ive tried a maxon OD9 agaisnt an ibanez TS9 and the maxon was noticably better, so the OD808 i can only imagine how much better it is Seanthesheep, May 23, 2013 #2. WestOfSeven SS.org Regular. Messages: 333 Likes Received: 35. Joined: Apr 24, 2013 Location.
  5. Maxon od 808x vs od 808. Dieses Thema im Forum Gitarre & Bass wurde erstellt von BenHalen, 25.09.14. Status des Themas: Beachte, dass dieses Thema älter als ein Jahr ist! Möglicherweise ist es sinnvoller, einen neuen Thread zu erstellen. Seite 1 von 2 1 2 Weiter > BenHalen. Registriert seit: 29.01.12 Punkte: 27.756. Hi, hat schonmal jemand das Maxon od 808x mit dem alten Maxon od808.

The battle of Maxon's Green Menace and Fulltone's Flexible Fighte In early 2004 Ibanez finally reissued the TS-808 pedal due to popular demand. This pedal uses the new 2002+ TS9 reissue board, made by Ibanez, not the older, slightly better quality MAXON board like the original TS808 and pre-2002 TS9. It does have the correct JRC4558D op amp and output resistors, so it sounds good, pretty close to our CLASSIC TS9/808 mod Ibanez Nutube Tube Screamer vs. original TS-808. June 4, 2018 Effects, Effects Features, Effects Reviews analog vintage effects, klon, SRV, TS-808, TS808, tube effects, VFD David Szabados. In a market saturated with numerous different Tube Screamers in addition to various clones and modified units, Ibanez recently introduced a bold and unique entry with its latest Nutube Tube Screamer. The.

Maxon OD9 vs Ibanez TS9. Hey Fam, Bit of GAS here. I'm looking for a tubescreamer pedal. Deciding between OD9 and TS9. I heard they are similar and different at the same time. I have had the Ibanez TS808 and Boss SD-1. They are both great pedals but both of them are not really for me. -Boss SD-1: My first ever pedal. What I liked was it had a very strong upper mid boost but sounded bit too. Maxon OD-808 vs. BBE Green Screamer Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by vontetzianos, Oct 30, 2008. Got my eye on the Ibanez TS-7. That one should do the trick. Scoop_89, Oct 31, 2008 #14. Chelseadevil21 Well-Known Member. Messages: 89 Likes Received: 5. Joined: Oct 17, 2008 Location: Boston, MA. Guys the OD-808 is great but the OD9 Pro Plus is where its at..A bit pricey but it. Maxon OD808 vs Ibanez TS 808 vs Visual Sound Route 66 Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by abcrelic, Nov 23, 2007. Nov 23, 2007 #1. abcrelic Former Member. Posts: 41. Joined: Nov 21, 2007 Location: ll. I have all three of these pedals and I can't really hear any difference between the three...Is it me or are they all the same? Nov 24, 2007 #2. ravindave_3600 Friend of Leo's. Posts: 2,976. Naturally that includes the mother of all overdrives, the Maxon OD-808. Similar in design to the earlier, manufactured overseas TS808, it also retains the legendary JRC 4558 D chip. Compared to the later TS-9, it sounds a bit softer and clearer - the mid-knock of the later Tubescreamer is less pronounced. For many, it is simply the Overdrive Maxon's version of classic TS-9 Tube Screamer More Drive and Output than OD808 NJM (JRC) 4558 Op Amp True Bypass Switching The tone that made Stevie Ray Vaughan famous While the OD808 may have been the first overdrive circuit of its kind, it was the OD-9 that cemented this sound in the history of Rock & Roll guita

Demo Ibanez TS-808 vs Maxon OD-808 | DooviNeed Tubescreamer: MXR GT-OD vs Maxon 808 vs TS 808 35th

Maxon OD808 or Ibanez TS808??? - Effects and Processors

1979: Maxon OD-808 and Ibanez TS-808 Maxon (Nisshin Onpa) had its origins in pickup manufacturing, but started making effects pedals in 1969. [3] In the mid-1970s, they formed a partnership with Ibanez, who was at that time only a guitar manufacturer, and licensed their designs exclusively to them, though they reserved the right to release them under their own name as well to the Japanese market Maxon OD-9 wie Tubescreamer TS-9. Verkaufe meinen Maxon OD-9 in gutem Zustand. Klettband auf der Unterseite . versicherter Versand... 85 € 66849 Landstuhl. Gestern, 16:55. Maxon OD808 Overdrive Booster Tubescreamer. Verkaufe den Maxon, weil ich ihn einfach nicht nutze. Heimgebrauch. Tier- und Rauchfrei. Technisch,... 83 € 97483 Eltmann. 15.03.2018. Maxon OD-9 Tubescreamer. Große Auswahl an Ibanez Ts 808. Super Angebote für Ibanez Ts 808 hier im Preisvergleich MAXON OD-808 = Ibanez TS-808 vintage !!!! Stop that fuckin 'crap about sounds différence entre thesis Sami pedals fuckin'idiot you !!!!! NOTICE GLOBAL Three notices of pages and only two people say the only thing intressante say about this pedal: THIS IS TS-808, the circuit is the same, the sound is the same !! !!!! MAXON OD-808 = Ibanez TS-808 vintage !!!! Stop that fuckin 'crap about sounds.

Maxon OD808 vs Ibanez TS9 vs EHX East River Drive | DooviMaxon OD9 Vs Maxon OD808

Ibanez Ts808 vs. Maxon OD808 - Amps - Harmony Centra

Ibanez TS808 vs Maxon OD808, difference besides price? Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by Squier Buyer, Dec 15, 2009. Dec 15, 2009 #1. Squier Buyer Tele-Meister. Posts: 347. Joined: Oct 10, 2009 Location: Vancouver BC Canada. I believe Maxon made the original TS808 for Ibanez? If the new models have the same JRC4558 chip and design why is the Ibanez TS808 $50. more than the Maxon OD808. As was mentioned the Maxon OD-808 is basically an Ibanez TS-10. I have used an 80's Ibanez TS-10 and really liked it. As for the OD-808 versus the Ibanez TS-808RI, I haven't tried the Ibanez. I do have a Maxon OD-9, which is gritter, has more bass and a bit less mid boost than the OD-808

Ibanez TS808 Reissue vs

It was apples to apples: Ibanez TS 808 vs Maxon OD 808 Turns out that at all settings the Ibanez sounded raspier/rougher/less refined. He tried them through 2 amps, a Pro Jr and a JCM 2204. The difference was quite noticeable. They both sounded good, but the tracks recorded with the Maxon sounded much smoother and creamier. Also less loss of bottom end. We kept the tracks done with the Maxon.. the maxon 808 and ibanez 808 are identical. as well as the maxon od9 and ibanez ts9. Ibanez pedals are relabeled, licencsed maxon pedals. If there is any difference its extremely minute and not audible. #3 axeman720, Aug 23, 200

Ibanez TS808 vs. MAXON OD808 vs. Fulltone OCD ..

Excellent, very clean. Comes with the original box. Works perfectly, no issues. The circuit board has NEVER been removed from the white plastic Maxon box, it is still glued in place. It is also still attached to the pots. Truly the most un-used one I've come across. I will not break the origi.. The 808 has been on my board and will never leave. Both these pedals have the mid boost hump but the 808 sounds more natural and round to me than the ts9 which sounds more boxy mid hump. I've heard great things about maxons but not enough for me to part with my ts808! thwilliams, Apr 20, 201

Tube Screamer TS808 vs TS Mini - What are the major

(2010-11-09) vintage Ibanez TS-808 vs vintage Boss OD-1 by simplexiammine (2010-11-19) vintage Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808 ® logo vs. vintage Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808 by simplexiammine (2010-11-27) Original Ibanez 808 by Sam Vilo (2011-01-07) Early vs late TS-808 by Baml Effect This board can also be found in some old Maxon OD-808 OVERDRIVE pedals which had a TS808 style switch and a power jack on the side (not to be confused with the 2000-era Maxon OD808). Early TS-808's have the Ibanez (R) trademark logo which some people seek. There is really no difference, although some of these have a Malaysian Texas Instruments RC4558P chip instead of the normal Japanese.

I've used an older Maxon OD808 (rebranded Tubescreamer) Vs an Ibanez TS9. IIRC the Maxon sounded gainier, more like a light distortion. The TS9 seemed to have more open mids, more volume, but less breakup/distortion from the unit and the mids seem a little stronger on the TS9 ibanez tubescreamer ts9 VS Maxon OD808 The one distinctive feature of the OD-9/TS-9 that people mention, the slight mid hump, I thought might be useful so I went with that. With the A-bomb guitar (which is much more middy) I set it as follows: Drive 0 Tone 0 Level 8 With the A-pig guitar I compensate for the extra bass a bit by moving the tone knob up some if I need it. For example, if. Maxon Apex 808 Review. This latest iteration of the venerable TS-808 — originally made for Ibanez by Maxon — is designed by Susumu Tamura, the man who created the original Tube Screamer back in 1979.. The Apex 808 bears the name Tamura on its black control plate and is built like a tank, with a full-metal enclosure that has a removable hatch on the bottom for access to the included. The Maxon OD808 - After 40 years it's still being used to reinvent guitar tone as we know it. Reinvent your tone - play the Maxon OD808. Besides the fact that the Maxon OD808 Reissue sounds richer, warmer, and BETTER than the Ibanez TS808 Reissue, there are also these facts to consider: Lower noise floor than TS80 -Maxon OD9 is True Bypass, Maxon 808 and Ibanez TS9 are not. -Maxon 808, to my ears, sounds closer to the TS-10. It is definitely harsher (not necessarily in a bad way) and heavier than the OD9 or TS9.-Maxon 808 also has a more fragile circuit board, so it is a bit more difficult to repair The tone of the Maxon OD-808 Overdrive is pretty awesome to say the least. It's got that classic tube overdrive sound before, much in the same vein as the Ibanez TS-808 or other Tube Screamer pedals. This one does seem a bit more transparent to me, so it's cool to have another option for this type of pedal. I don't know how it would be compare to the original vintage version of the OD-808 as I.

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