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Dolphin can play thousands of games, and changes are happening all the time. Help us keep up! Join in and help us make this the best resource for Dolphin. Super Mario Galaxy 2 . From Dolphin Emulator Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Super Mario Galaxy 2; Developer(s) Nintendo EAD Tokyo: Publisher(s) Nintendo: Series: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Galaxy: Platform(s) Wii: Release date(s) NA. My Gamepad Config goo.gl/wh2gVW (copy and paste in the URL) PD: This config works fine for me! just neccesary button for this game It works in SMG 1 & 2 PC:. <li>Open Dolphin and click on the Wiimote icon in the top tray</li> <li>Under the Wiimote 1 drop down menu, select Emulated Wiimote and press the Configure button<br><br>Make sure your controller is connected for the next steps!<br></li> <li>Under the Device drop down menu select your connected controller of choice This is actually quite simple. Map one of the analog sticks to the wiimote movement. It is under controller config. I do this to play super Mario galaxy and animal crossing on dolphin

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hey i don't have the same specs as you do but when i had my first pc i had an a8-7670k and a r7 250. i ran dolphin pretty well and it even ran mario galaxy 2. you can do some lighter games but if dolphin does give you problems then use ishiiruka even though they use hacks for performanc I tried to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 on my laptop, with the dolphin emulator. Unfortunately it won't play over 20-30 fps and is very laggy. Also the speed is too slow. It's the same with GameCube, the speed is, I guess like 50-70% of what it should be, but not more. Maybe you have some tips for me? Pc-Specs: OS: Windows 8. Super Mario Galaxy is a 3D platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii.It is the third 3D platformer in the Mario series, after Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine.A sequel, Super Mario Galaxy 2, was released in 2010.The game follows the protagonist, Mario, on a quest to rescue Princess Peach from the game's primary antagonist, Bowser https://mega.nz/#!CGJTVa5L!mQ0mdk0kPwVAsGsxTZM8AmkrZGo7DNIKpau5sTa2UAc https://dolphin-emu.org/ EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. ONLY DOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE PHYSICAL.. Whats up guys its i3enji also known as Benji and welcome to another video. Thank you guys so much for watching, remember to like if you enjoyed and Subscribe..

Local Play: 2 Co-op. Super Mario Galaxy 2, the sequel to the smash-hit galaxy-hopping original game, includes the amazing gravity-defying, physics-based exploration from the first game, but is loaded with entirely new galaxies and features to challenge and delight players. On some stages, Mario can pair up with his dinosaur buddy Yoshi and use his tongue to grab items and spit them back at. Super Mario Galaxy works very well with a Xbone One controller, and much better than a real wiimote + nunchuck, because you don't have to shake the controller at so many occasions for some basic movements. But for this you will have to use different profiles. I uploaded 3 profiles, you can find them there For Mario Galaxy 1, it's better to use 3 profiles, 1 for the main part (99 %), and 2 others for the rolling and the surfing stages. Here you can find these 3 profiles. Here you can find these 3 profiles

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Super Mario Sunshine is an absolute joy to play at 60 FPS, and fans of the game should truly enjoy the work put forth. On another note, ehw also came up with more hacks for Pikmin 2 and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Pikmin 2 is completely playable with just the patch, but some cutscenes seem to play at double speed. Gauntlet Dark Legacy requires. Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii required you to use a Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The game requires you to use motion controls to do basic things like getting through menus or attacking enemies. There are no other options. In order to play it in Dolphin, you will need to emulate the Wii Remote/Nunchuk somehow. You will have to go into the controller settings, choose Emulated Wii Remote, choose the. After a short cutscene, Mario will appear in the Mushroom Kingdom. Use the Nunchuck to control Mario, so you can have the power of navigating through the game. To do this, tilt the analog stick in the direction you want Mario to run. Tilt lightly to walk, and a lot to run

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Download Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM for Nintendo Wii(Wii ISOs) and Play Super Mario Galaxy 2 Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device Made a DualShock 4 profile for Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 that works for ALL in-game situations, no profile-switching and no motion controls required I had no luck finding an existing profile that did everything - all of them required switching profiles for ball rolling or surfing segments, so I set one up that is an all-in-one for Dualshock 4 users Wenn Sie das Spiel und die Konsole besitzen, können Sie Super Mario Galaxy theoretisch auch legal auf dem PC spielen. Mithilfe des Dolphin-Emulators und des Homebrew Channels auf der Wii können Sie..

In order to use this Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM you will need to download a Nintendo Wii emulator. There are emulators for different platforms like Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS X. The ROM contains the video game files of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the emulator acts as the game console 7) On Dolphin wiimote emulated config, select and load this profile. Now you can use the normal gamepad functions to control the game, and the ds4 tilt as wiimote tilt. Note this is optimized for Mario Galaxy control, and you should create another profile for another games HD-Screenshot zu Super Mario Galaxy 2 für Wii Quelle: neogaf.com Update vom 2. Juni 2010: Soeben erreichten uns zahlreiche HD-Screenshots zu Super Mario Galaxy 2, die mit dem Dolphin-Emulator entstanden sind. Die Bilder, selbstverständlich in unserer Galerie vorhanden, zeigen eindrucksvoll, wie Super Mario Galaxy 2 in.

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The Dolphin Emulator Wiki needs your help! Dolphin can play thousands of games, and changes are happening all the time. Help us keep up! Join in and help us make this the best resource for Dolphin. File:Super-mario-galaxy-2-wii.JPG. From Dolphin Emulator Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. File; File history; File usage; Metadata; Size of this preview: 427 × 599 pixels. Other resolutions: 171. The Wii Vault has every Wii game released in the US, all verified with Redump or No-Intro for the best quality available Hey all, I want to play Super Mario Galaxy on my dolphin emulator but I'm in the terrace and it wants me to put my pointer on the star but when I do it doesn't work. I had this problem in Super Mario Galaxy 2 too where Yoshi couldn't use his tongue because the pointer was not working. I can see the pointer and everything but it doesn't seem to do anything. I have a emulated wiimote . Save.

For Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii, GameFAQs has 26 cheat codes and secrets Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a platforming video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii. It was first announced at E3 2009 and is the sequel to Super Mario Galaxy. It was released worldwide in 2010, and is the fourth original 3D platformer in the Super Mario series, after Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy

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PLAY Super Mario Galaxy ONLINE. Important!! In order to be able to play this game you need an emulator installed. See the full list of available Nintendo Wii emulators for this game. Were you able to play this game? Submit. Worked for 40% / based on 92 voters. Load Comments. Related ROMs you may like. Super Mario Galaxy . Super Smash Bros Brawl. Super Mario Bros 3+(Plus) Mario Party 8. New. Play Emulator has the largest collection of the highest quality Mario Games for various consoles such as GBA, SNES, NES, N64, SEGA, and more. Start playing by choosing a Mario Emulator game from the list below. All games are available without downloading only at PlayEmulator. We collected some of the best Mario Online Games such as Super Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, and Super Mario World HD-Screenshot zu Super Mario Galaxy 2 für Wii Quelle: neogaf.com Update vom 2. Juni 2010: Soeben erreichten uns zahlreiche HD-Screenshots zu Super Mario Galaxy 2, die mit dem Dolphin-Emulator entstanden sind. Die Bilder, selbstverständlich in unserer Galerie vorhanden, zeigen eindrucksvoll, wie Super Mario Galaxy 2 in einer Auflösung von 1920x1080 Bildpunkten ausschauen könnte - einfach.

This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Super Mario Galaxy 2 for Wii. See also the Unlockables, Cheats, and Tip For Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii, GameFAQs has 26 cheat codes and secrets Unpack the ZIP file contents to the root of your SD card. Insert the SD card and the SMG2 game disk into your console. Boot up the system and launch the Riivolution channel. Set NMG Core to Normal or Daredevil mode and hit Launch You can technically run Super Mario Galaxy at 1080p on the Nvidia Shield TV, come check it out here and let us know what you think In Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii, you can play as Luigi. At first you'll only be able to play with him on certain levels once you gain 30 stars. Talk to him at the beginning of a level you see him on to take control of him, and beat the level with him to unlock a staff ghost run on that level, which you'll have to be very skilled to beat. Once you beat the game, a special door.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Save Games Wii. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Notify me about new: Guides. Cheats. Reviews. Questions. Add this game to my: Favorites. Now Playing. Wish List. Play Queue. Guides. Q&A. Board. More. Home. Summary; Release Data; Game Credits; Also Playing; Collection Stats; Game Trivia; Guides; Q&A; Cheats; Saves; Reviews. Reader Reviews; Critic. The Gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy is a classic Mario game in classic Mario style, you've got the classic jump, the classic spin, you've got all the classic move sets, what Mario has become known and loved for. There's more to this though as there are small worlds to have to navigate through which are detailed and have their puzzles to complete where you have to use these classic moves.

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How to Play As Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy. Are you tired of playing as Mario? This will teach you how to unlock Luigi as a playable character in Super Mario Galaxy. Defeat Bowser for the last time in the center of the universe. You must.. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of the best games ever! You'll need 70 stars to defeat bowser, but to be a true Mario grandmaster you've got to collect all 120 gold and a further 120 green stars. That's not so easy, and these are a few of the handy cheats for beating the game. Quickly Grab 99 1-Ups at Supermassive Galaxy. This is a great cheat with which you can rack up the maximum 99 1-Ups within. Dolphin can play thousands of games, and changes are happening all the time. Help us keep up! Join in and help us make this the best resource for Dolphin. Super Mario World. From Dolphin Emulator Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Super Mario World; Developer(s) Nintendo EAD: Publisher(s) Nintendo: Series: Super Mario Bros: Platform(s) Virtual Console, SNES: Release date(s) SNES JP November 21.

I have an overclocked Phenom 955 and it's not really fast enough to run Super Mario Galaxy at full speed. From what I've been hearing, the best results in Dolphin come from a high clocked Sandy Bridge processor such as the i5 2500k or i7 2600k. I hope that helps, best of luck! Sapphire AMD Radeon 6950 Unlocked to 6970 @ 915/1425 2GB GDDR5 12GB DDR3 9-9-9-24 1333MHz 2x 1TB WD BLACK 7200RPM HDD. RTTP: Super Mario Galaxy (on Dolphin 5.0) Thread starter PaulloDEC; Start date Jul 17, 2016; 53 Forums. Discussions . Gaming Discussion. 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. P. PaulloDEC Member. Sep 6, 2012 8,563 1 0. Jul 17, 2016 #1 Reading about the latest release of the Dolphin emulator recently inspired me to drag my Wii out of storage in order to rip a few of my games (which. Super Mario Bros 2 was so popular that it was remade and re-released several times on several different consoles and features many fan-based creations. The game features many characters, enemies, and items from the preceding game - the game was also the first Mario game where the player has the ability to pick up and throw objects at enemies to defeat them. There have been 272 likes from 307. The gameplay of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is similar to Super Mario Galaxy, with a focus on platforming based on and around 3D planets, grouped into levels known as galaxies.Planets and galaxies each have varying themes, sizes, landscapes, and climates. The player controls Mario (or later in the game, his brother Luigi, though using him is optional), who has special abilities such as the Spin.

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I bought this because, it's the first wii downloadable title on wii u, and of course, it's super Mario galaxy 2! I already own it on wii but it's nice to have it saved to my wii u as a. Super Mario Galaxy 2. This adventure for the Wii console marks the first time a second 3-D Mario game has arrived in the same console gener.. Super Mario Galaxy has never looked better, running here at 1920x1404 on the Tegra X1 chip via official emulation - in this case through Nvidia Shield TV. This is 3x the resolution on each axis.

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  1. Both play flawlessly on a real Wii or on Dolphin, so WBFS is of course, recommended. Spoiler: Save File Setting. This setting is rather complicated- without a ton of explanation, generally you will want to pick 3 here. What this will do is create a save file for each mod, that takes up it's own space in the Wii Data Management, meaning, that you won't have save file shared between mods and the.
  2. Super Mario Galaxy is a 2007 platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii. It is the third 3D game in the Super Mario series. The game was re-released as a Nintendo Selects title in 2011, and as a download via the Wii U's eShop in 2015. The story revolves around the protagonist, Mario, who is on a quest to rescue Princess.
  3. Super Mario Galaxy 2: Action, Platform 4,3 120,936 1.3GB The Legend Of Zelda - Skyward Sword: Action, Adventure 4,4 118,242 1.3GB Spider-Man - Shattered Dimensions: Action, Beat Em Up 4,0 76,887 1.0GB Mario Party 9: Misc 4,0 76,185 793.2MB Donkey Kong Country Returns: Action, Platform 4,2 66,611 1.1GB The Legend Of Zelda - Twilight Princess: Action, Adventure 4,5 62,906 1.1GB Metroid Prime.
  4. SUPER MARIO GALAXY PC Free download game setup is a direct link for windows and torrent from ocean of games you can download this game.It is an awesome Adventure game.. Overview of SUPER MARIO GALAXY PC:-Super Mario Galaxy is a 2007 platform video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wii
  5. Super Mario Galaxy 2; Also known as: Super Mario Wii 2: Galaxy Adventure Together (KR) Developer: Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Platform: Wii Released in JP: May 27, 2010 Released in US: May 23, 2010 Released in EU: June 11, 2010 Released in AU: June 30, 2010 Released in KR: January 20, 2011 Released in HK: December 4, 2010 Released in TW: December 4, 201
  6. Trivia []. In both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, galaxies are commonly represented by three-dimensional revolving icons which consist of either one planet found in the galaxy or multiple planets in the galaxy.In Super Mario Galaxy, only 29 of the 42 total galaxies in the game have revolving icons, as the other thirteen remaining galaxies are accessed outside of one of the six.
  7. Jan Super Mario Galaxy 2: hallo eure meinung ist gefragt Super Mario Galaxy 2 spieletipps meint: Paradox: Trotz des ähnlichen Ablaufs präsentiert das Spiel viele neue Ideen

23 mai 2013 - Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy 2 Part 44 FINALE More information Find this Pin and more on Super Mario Galaxy 2 Videos Cobanermani456 by Andrew This is the sequel to SMG2. Available exclusively for the Wii U. This brings back every piece of gameplay from all of Mario's previous games he's been featured in, and includes new enemies, new galaxies, new boss battles that are so dynamic, you can't call Houston for lift-off! There are POSSIBLY going to be so many things, I don't think we can count them. Princess Peach Toadstool is having a. The Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the secret galaxy that can be unlocked after 120 Stars are gathered with both Mario and Luigi, holds another secret. Once this final Star from the stage is acquired with both Mario and Luigi, you will be able to see your death count on your save file. You can now see how many times you died while playing the. Página de descarga de la ISO del juego: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii) - Archivo: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (scrubbed).torrent - EmuRoms.c

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  1. Choose the location for the software - take your time and create a new one for all the emulator and Mario ROMs. Extract Dolphin to the target folder. Find 'Dolphin-x64' - it's an installation file - and launch the tool. The dialogue window will guide you through the process - you only have to click 'Next' and 'Save
  2. Mario and Mario Kart. Should I play Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 on Dolphin? Should I use a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? Thread starter Sunny_Meows; Start date Jun 30, 2020; Sunny_Meows poggers. Towns Folk. Play Coins 197 coins Nook Tickets 1.0 tickets Jun 30, 2020 #1 I have copies of the games just lying around in my collection. I feel bad for not playing them. I don't have a Wii/Wii U and.
  3. Click on a Super Mario Galaxy 2 world below to see a list of galaxies and planets with walkthroughs for each of its Stars, including the location of ever

super mario sunshine / super mario galaxy settings on dolphin. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. D Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 1, 2010. anyone can say me settings for play these 2 great mario games? thank you very much . Save Share. Reply. S. SabiFranjo996 · Registered. Joined Apr 1, 2010 · 3 Posts #2 • Apr 1, 2010. It's preferably different for everybody. if you want. 11) Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2 players) Genre: Adventure. The second iteration on Nintendo Wii system, one of the best selling titles on the system and considered as one of the greatest video games of all times. Unlike the first iteration of the game, on this game, the 2nd player controls the Luma and has capability to attack enemies, apart from.

In 2007, Super Mario Galaxy took the world of video games by storm. Now this first true Mario sequel in years re-energizes the franchise with new levels and new power-ups. Plus this time Mario gets to team up with his dinosaur buddy Yoshi, who adds new possibilities to the gravity-defying game play. It's everything you love about the first game. Welcome to IGN's Super Mario Galaxy Walkthrough! This page lists every course and Star Super Mario Galaxy. Scroll to find the location you're lookin Super Mario Galaxy is a video game released for the Wii.It is an entry to the series of Mario's 3D platformers, after the games Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario 64 DS.It had 700,000 copies pre-ordered in Japan, and 400,000 in the U.S. Super Mario Galaxy, unlike the other Mario games, takes place in deep space. Most of the game's levels consist of many small planets and. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a great game. However, it is sad that they give you just 3 lives. 3 Hits, your dead. Thats not Like Super Mario 64 nor Super Mario Sunshine, now is it? Nope. But it does redeem itself with the incredible amount of 1-ups that you get. Just on starship mario, you can get 4 alone, if your far enough. Now there are many. Super Mario Galaxy 2 . 109 Playing; 1.8K Backlogs; 73 Replays; 2% Retired 89% Rating; 1.6K Beat; Overview; Forum (0) Reviews; Playing; Backlogs; Completions; Retired; Submit Your Time. Main Story. 13½ Hours . Main + Extras. 21½ Hours . Completionist. 34 Hours . All Styles. 21 Hours . Launch into a new universe of gravity warping worlds in the sequel to one of the greatest games of all time.

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  1. H erzlich willkommen zur deutschsprachigen Komplettlösung des Spiels ‚Super Mario Galaxy 2'. Diese Lösung ist eines der vielen aufwendigen Projekte unserer Seite. In ihr stecken mehrere Wochen harte Arbeit. Dies ist nur eine kurze Komplettlösung zu den Grünsternen. Knapp ist zusammengefasst, wo und wie sie zu finden sind
  2. To unlock the final star and galaxy, collect all 120 stars with Luigi and beat Bowser. Doing so unlocks the Grand Finale Galaxy, accessible from the green trial planet, which is the Star Festival..
  3. Dolphin Emulator HD Videos and Images Support; Demo; FAQ; Contact; HD Videos. To watch the videos in HD click on the links. New Super Mario Bros. Wii on Dolphin Emulator (1080p) Star Fox Assault on Dolphin Emulator (1080p) Sin & Punishment 2 on Dolphin Emulator (720p) Super Mario Galaxy 2 on Dolphin Emulator (720p) Images. Click on the image to view in full size (1920x1080). 3D Comparison.
  4. Have fun playing the amazing Super Mario Galaxy game for Nintendo Wii. This is the USA version of the game and can be played using any of the Nintendo Wii emulators available on our website. Download the Super Mario Galaxy ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone. This game was categorized as Platform on our website
  5. A specialized Super Mario Galaxy 1/2 profile which maps all functions to a normal XInput gamepad. Most notable changes are star-bit pointer to the right analog stick, shake/skin to the X button and jump to the A button. There are a number of other profiles for you to download and use at your own volition, but these should suit you for most of the games you'll be playing on Dolphin. I highly.
  6. Quick start when racing Cosmic Mario in Honeyhive Galaxy Before the race begins, hold Forward. Press Z to crouch when the timer reaches 2, then immediately press A when the race begins. If done correctly, Mario will turn yellow briefly and get a quicker start
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  1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 [SB4E01].7z: Console / Système: Nintendo Wii: Genre: Platform: Taille du fichier: unknown: Région: USA: Année de Sortie: 2009: Téléchargements: 6358: TÉLÉCHARGER Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM (RAPIDE) TÉLÉCHARGER Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM (LENT) JOUER Super Mario Galaxy 2 ONLINE. Important!!! Pour jouer à ce jeu, vous avez besoin d'un émulatuer installé. Consultez la.
  2. May 23, 2013 - This is my 100% Let's Play of Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii! Many people asked me to do this LP and I'm very happy to do so! This is part 30 and.
  3. Super Mario Galaxy 2 . Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ. Review. World S. Successfully complete World 6 to unlock World S. Grandmaster Galaxy . Collect all 120 gold stars and 120 green stars to unlock the Grandmaster Galaxy in World S. This is a 2D level with a Comet Medal and one star to collect. Play as Luigi. Collect The Flotacious Blimp Fruit star in the Tall Trunk Galaxy to be able to.
  4. Super Mario Gravity ist ein hochqualitativer Hack für Super Mario Galaxy 2, der neue Level und Sterne hinzufügt!. Diese Demo-Version kommt mit 10 Sternen daher. Einen Ankündigungstrailer gibt es auf YouTube
  5. Komplettlösung Super Mario Galaxy 2: Hochgarten-Galaxie: Dino-Piranha Jrs. Schleudertr., Hochgarten-Galaxie: Der dornige Schlüsselhüter, Hochgarten-Galaxie: Dino.
  6. Super Mario Galaxy 2: Boss-Guide und Lösung. Übersicht und Preise; Test; Technische Daten; News; Tipps; von unserem Autor . Jan-C. Keßler. 17.06.2010, 10:15 Uhr. Mario verschlägt es in ferne.
  7. Super Mario Galaxy (japanisch スーパーマリオギャラクシー Sūpā Mario Gyarakushī, kurz SMG) ist ein 3D-Jump-'n'-Run-Videospiel, das der japanische Videospielkonzern Nintendo im November 2007 für seine Heimkonsole Wii veröffentlichte.. Wie in früheren Super-Mario-Spielen übernimmt der Spieler die Rolle des titelgebenden Klempners Mario, um die von dem Bösewicht Bowser.
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  1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 Minecraft DOWNLOAD 1.12.2 (1 or more visitors, NOT A FUNCTIONAL ADVENTURE MAP) Published on Aug 10th, 2018, 8/10/18 10:49 am. 91 diamonds; 15,895 views, 7 today; 2,204 downloads, 0 today; 62 comments; 71 favorites; 91. 71; 62; Feature on profile; Embed; Report; Download : Downloadable Map How to install Minecraft Maps on Java Edition. PMCBBCode. HTML. URL. 1665625.
  2. jedes mal neu leben sammeln (Super Mario Galaxy 2) bei mir ist das so, dass immer wenn ich wieder spielen will, dass alle leben weg sind. ich habe nurnoch 4 und muss wieder sammeln, ist das bei.
  3. super mario galaxy free download - Super Mario Galaxy 2, Cheats for Super Mario Galaxy - FREE, Super Mario Bros 1-3, and many more program
  4. May 23, 2013 - This is my 100% Let's Play of Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii! Many people asked me to do this LP and I'm very happy to do so! This is part 2 and w..
  5. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (SB4E01) Super Mario World (DLC) (JAAE) The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask (DLC) (NARE) Playstation 1. Bomberman Fantasy Race NTSC-U. Spyro the Dragon (NTSC-U) Playstation 2. Sonic Gems Collection (PAL) Sonic Heroes (NTSC-U) Sitemap. Nintendo Wii‎ > ‎ Super Mario Galaxy 2 (SB4E01) 21:9. 0447BB3C 60000000. 047E14F4 3F124925. C201CE4C 00000002. 3C004253 90010014. C0210014.
  6. May 23, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Andrew. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres
  7. Super Mario Galaxy let's play by The Phawx. This is a PROTOTYPE of the GPD Win 2 running Super Mario Galaxy using the Dolphin Emulator
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Play Super Mario Bros emulator game online in the highest quality available. Super Mario Bros is a Nintendo game that you can enjoy on Play Emulator. This NES game is the US English version that works in all modern web browsers without downloading. Super Mario Bros is part of the Mario Games, Arcade Games, and Platform Games you can play here. Super Mario Galaxy 2 . In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Similar to New Super Mario Bros. 2, the stars on the player's file will sparkle if the player clears every stage without using the Invincibility Leaf (there is no penalty for having the Assist Block appear, only for collecting the leaf), and if the player uses one in a level, then they can regain the sparkling stars by clearing that stage. Super Mario Galaxy is the next big Mario game after Mario Sunshine. Venture with Mario into the deepest of galaxies. Get new powerups and face enemies and new bosses. Enjoy the unique gameplay this game has. Screenshots: Super Mario Galaxy Wii ISO Download Download Size: 3.52 GB. GDrive: p-smg MEGA: p-smg. Enviar por e-mail BlogThis! Compartilhar no Twitter Compartilhar no Facebook. Postagem. Download Super Mario 64 ROM for Nintendo 64(N64) and Play Super Mario 64 Video Game on your PC, Mac, Android or iOS device Hier geht es um Mario Galaxy 2 Super Mario Galaxy 2. 25 Fragen - Erstellt von: Zeldafreak - Entwickelt am: 03.03.2017 - 1.528 mal aufgerufen Hier geht es um Mario Galaxy 2. 1 Wie viele Power Sterne gibt es? 120 242 200 122.

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