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  3. There are around 40 smart shops in Amsterdam that sell a wide range of paraphernalia related to cannabis, drug culture and legal highs. Most of these stores also stock strains of magic truffles in bags or boxes, which are usually labelled with small blurbs that describe their effects
  4. Buy quality Magic Truffles from Amsterdam online. Best quality, fast and discreet shipping within Europe. Age Check. 18+ Enter Under 18. LOGO. Sorry Adults Only . We use cookies to help improve our services, make personal offers, and enhance your experience. If you do not accept optional cookies below, your experience may be affected. If you want to know more, please read the Cookie Policy.
  5. Truffles or Philosophers Stones are the underground growths or 'sclerotia' of certain Psilocybe mushroom species. Shroom guru Paul Stammets figured out how to cultivate them and the rest is psychedelic history. Magic Truffles contain high quantities of the visionary psilocybin. We stock the most popular varieties available
  6. MushMagic hat seinen Sitz in Amsterdam, den Niederlanden und unterliegt den niederländischen Gesetzen. In den Niederlanden ist das Gesetz über Pilze, magische Trüffel und Pilzzuchtsets sehr klar, könnte aber vielleicht für einige Leute ein paar Fragen aufwerfen

Since then, fresh and dried magic truffles have been sold in head shops across the country. Truffles are especially popular in Amsterdam, and a number of legal psychedelic retreats near the city (including Synthesis) have adopted these truffles as the substance of choice for transformational experiences. Why choose magic truffles Der bei weitem beste Zauberpilz Shop zum Magic Truffles bestellen ist ohne Frage Shayana. Dieser Natur Drogen Online Shop residiert in Amsterdam und gilt seit über 15 Jahren als europäischer Marktführer. Er bietet die größte Auswahl und beste Qualität verschiedenster Zaubertrüffel zum Kauf an.. Folgend haben wir die 8 beliebtesten Magic Truffles Produkte zum online bestellen in einem. Forget application letters, simply swipe. Once your profile has been completed, we will suggest suitable jobs to you. Swiping right is an immediate application, turning your job hunt into a breeze

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Magic Truffles Hollandia are for sale at the best smart shops in Amsterdam. Truffles grown in Holland (with love!) are Hollandia Magic Truffle. These truffles were developed by Dutch growers to be the ultimate truffle. Magic truffles Hollandia are extra strong - only for experienced users The Psilocybe Atlantis is the strongest magic truffle in our collection. In a small dose, 5-10 grams, these magic truffles can induce a happy and funny trip. In a higher dose, 15 grams, the Psilocybe Atlantis can give a strong mind expanding trip with deep colors, and closed eye visualizations Magic Truffles Value pack . 2 Kundenmeinung(en) 54,00 € In den Warenkorb. Classic Magic Truffles Value pack. 2 Kundenmeinung(en) 39,95 € In den Warenkorb. Galindoi Mushrocks Trüffel - 15 Gramm. 1 Kundenmeinung(en) 12,00 € ab: 9,00 € In den Warenkorb. High Hawaiians Trüffel - 22 Gramm. 23 Kundenmeinung(en) 19,50 € ab: 17,50 € In den Warenkorb. Dragons Dynamite Trüffel - 15. Synthesis: Legal Truffles Containing Psilocybin Experiences. Based in the Netherlands, we offer a 100% legal way to explore your mind with truffles. Access to expanded states of consciousness in a modern, comfortable, medically supervised context. Contributing to Science. Synthesis is committed to science-based data and contributing to research. Truffle production has reached a commercial level; you can walk into a store, choose from a variety of truffles that have been vaccum packed and refrigerated, and ask staff questions before making your purchase. These types of stores, often called 'smart shops', are plentiful in Amsterdam, which is a short journey from any major city in Europe

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We produce and sell the original Magic Truffles. Buy a safe and genuine product from the Truffle Brothers, the guys that started it all, 25 years ago. Account . Sign in; Register; Language: en ; de ; es ; nl ; fr ; it ; Categories. Search. 0 0. No products. To be determined Shipping . 0.00EUR Tax. 0.00EUR Total. Prices are tax included . Check out . Product successfully added to your shopping. Don't use truffles if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18 years of age. Do not combine truffles with alcohol, amphetamines, other drugs or medications such as MAOIs or SSRIs. Storage: store truffles between 4 and 6 degrees Celsius. They will keep for up to a month in the refrigerator in the closed bag Mushroom Truffles Atlantis has a lighter visual effect than the rest of the truffles. So suitable for beginners. Atlantis Truffles will make you creative, open for awareness, experiencing a colorful visual effect with warm and tingling feelings of euphoria. You can feel more driven, full of energy and increased thinking capabilities Magic truffles usually take anywhere between a half-hour to an hour after they have been ingested for them to produce results on your body, and the trip can last anywhere between 3 to 6 hours. Once you have the truffles, they must be stored in a cool, dark place such as a refrigerator to keep them fresh for a few weeks or months. Keep in mind when taking shrooms or truffles that you should. This magic truffle will deliver mind-expanding thoughts and shed light onto the darkest corners of your mind. The dose of 7.5g is good for beginner trippers. For stronger feels and a wider opening of Pandora's box, 10g should do. For a full-on immersion into the mystical psychedelic box, 15g should do the trick

Truffles Therapy. Home. services. Retreats Consultations Events. testimonials blog. About. The Team Message Media. contact. Find Inner Peace with Psilocybin Mushrooms We support you on your psychedelic journey. Due to world events, our offerings have changed. ‍ We currently have no public retreats scheduled. Please send us a message to be notified when we restart. For those able to travel to. TRUFFLES . vacuum sealed magic truffles. Ready to eat. Shop . Pandora's BOX . Potent psyche trufflekit Unlock the mysteries of subconsciousness. Shop . Mushroom GROW KITS . pre-grown mycelium. Grow magic mushrooms in 10 days. Shop . Psilocybin MICRODOSING . increase levels of creativity, energy, focus, & relational skills. Shop . Pandora's BOX . Potent psyche trufflekit Unlock the. The Magic Mushroom Gallery We are the leading Smart Shop chain and wholesale in the Netherlands. Over the years we have welcomed millions of satisfied customers, both local and international Magic Mushrooms can be bought easy, safe and fast online in our shop. Buy your psychedelic truffles and grow ktis: USA, UK, Canada and whole of Europe

Due to reports of tourists jumping into the Amsterdam Canals while tripping, the sale of Magic Mushrooms was banned a few years ago in Amsterdam. However, it's still legal to grow at home, and grow kits are legally sold as well. Truffles are supposed to be a little milder than the mushrooms which is why it's still legal to buy Truffles Therapy offers safe and legal magic mushroom retreats in and around Amsterdam. Our psilocybin retreats include magic truffles journey(s), cacao elixirs, meditation, yoga, nature walks, homemade vegan food and pickup/drop-off service from the station. The private retreats are completely customisable and are adapted to individual wishes and needs. For example they can additionally. Welcome, did a friend suggest during your trip to Amsterdam that you should take some of those famed truffles — and they're probably not talking about the gourmet and ridiculously expensive item for your pasta. So sit back and read up on everything you need to know about taking truffles in the Netherlands that we can possibly tell you in 2020 country #9: netherlands!! amsterdam is now my favorite city holy shit. we hit that big legal sesh button in coffee shops and big legal magic truffles button. I was in Amsterdam last year, also ate truffles, rolled on MDMA and smoked a shit ton of weed there. So, first of all; it's not true that shrooms are stronger than truffles. You just have to eat more of those truffles. The shrooms you normally eat are dried. The truffles are not dried, therfore they weight more and have more water in them. So you just eat more of them. For example, on shrooms.

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