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Data.Set: Portability: portable: Stability: provisional: Maintainer: libraries@haskell.org: Contents: Set type Operators Query Construction Combine Filter Map Fold Min/Max Conversion List Ordered list Debugging Old interface, DEPRECATED Description: An efficient implementation of sets. This module is intended to be imported qualified, to avoid name clashes with Prelude functions. eg. import. Data Set in Haskell; Data.Set. The Data.Set module offers us sets in the mathematical sense: all the elements in a set are unique; and because they're internally implemented with trees (for speed), they're ordered; checking for membership, inserting, deleting etc. is much faster than doing the same thing with lists; Because the names in Data.Set clash with a lot of Prelude and Data.List. data Set a = Empty | Set a (Set a) deriving (Read, Show) All-caps types are not a thing, just Set is fine. Single letter constructors are uncommon too, so instead of E use a meaningful name like Empty. Constructors can take multiple arguments, so don't use tuples where you don't have to import Data.Set (Set) import qualified Data.Set as Set Warnung Die Größe des Sets darf maxBound::Int nicht überschreiten. Verstöße gegen diese Bedingung werden nicht erkannt. Wenn die Größenbeschränkung überschritten wird, ist das Verhalten undefiniert. Implementierun import Data.Set (Set) import qualified Data.Set as Set share | improve this answer. answered Dec 22 '19 at 11:25. cdimitroulas cdimitroulas. 198 8 8 bronze badges. add a comment | 0. ghc-containers contains only the shared library (.so) for compiled programs that are linked to it. If you wish to use the library in development, install ghc-containers-devel: $ dnf install -y ghc-containers-devel.

>>> isInfixOf Haskell I really like Haskell. True >>> isInfixOf Ial I really like Haskell. False isSubsequenceOf:: Eq a => [a] -> [a] -> Bool Source # The isSubsequenceOf function takes two lists and returns True if all the elements of the first list occur, in order, in the second. The elements do not have to occur consecutively. isSubsequenceOf x y is equivalent to elem x. Every expression in Haskell has a type which is determined at compile time. All the types composed together by function application have to match up. If they don't, the program will be rejected by the compiler. Types become not only a form of guarantee, but a language for expressing the construction of programs. Click to expand. All Haskell values have a type: char = 'a':: Char int = 123:: Int. Safe Haskell: Safe: Language: Haskell2010: Data.IntSet. Contents. Strictness properties; Set type; Construction; Insertion; Deletion; Generalized insertion/deletion ; Query; Combine; Filter; Map; Folds. Strict folds; Legacy folds; Min/Max; Conversion. List; Debugging; Description. Finite Int Sets. The IntSet type represents a set of elements of type Int. For a walkthrough of the most commonly. Safe Haskell: Safe: Language: Haskell98: Contents. Strictness properties; Set type; Operators; Query; Construction; Combine; Filter; Indexed; Map; Folds. Strict folds; Legacy folds; Min/Max; Conversion . List; Ordered list; Debugging; Description. An efficient implementation of sets. These modules are intended to be imported qualified, to avoid name clashes with Prelude functions, e.g. import. School of Haskell / To infinity and beyond / Pick of the Week / Simple examples; Simple examples. 29 Oct 2017 Erik Salaj View Markdown source As of March 2020, School of Haskell has been switched to read-only mode. Previous content: Part III: A World in a Bottle; Next content: Part II: PNGs and Moore; Go up to: Pick of the Week; See all content by Erik Salaj; Sections. Simple application.

stack is a modern, cross-platform build tool for Haskell code. This guide takes a new stack user through the typical workflows. This guide will not teach Haskell or involve much code, and it requires no prior experience with the Haskell packaging system or other build tools. NOTE This document is probably out of date in some places and deserves a refresh. If you find this document helpful. Haskell's standard monad type class can be used for restricted monad instances. There is no need to resort to GHC extensions that rebind the standard monadic combinators with the library or EDSL specific ones. [1] CSDL Blog: The home of applied functional programming at KU. Monad Reification in Haskell and the Sunroof Javascript compiler Miloslav Nic Haskell Reference The new Zvon contains updated versionof this reference.. The reference is based on Haskell 98 Reportand Haskell 98 Libraries Report.and a substantial part of descriptions comes from these specifications.. Haskell API Search, which was partially based on this reference, was written and published on his site by Neil Mitchell

Because Haskell supports infinite lists, our recursion doesn't really have to have an edge condition. But if it doesn't have it, it will either keep churning at something infinitely or produce an infinite data structure, like an infinite list. The good thing about infinite lists though is that we can cut them where we want. repeat takes an element and returns an infinite list that just has. The Haskell syntax allows [] t to be written as [t]. Similarly, -> is a type constructor: given two types t and u, t->u is the type of functions mapping elements of type t to elements of type u.) Note that the type of the binary data constructor Pt is a -> a -> Point a, and thus the following typings are valid: Pt 2.0 3.0 :: Point Float Pt 'a' 'b' :: Point Char Pt True False :: Point Bool On.

Hoogle is a Haskell API search engine, which allows you to search the Haskell libraries on Stackage by either function name, or by approximate type signature. Example searches: map (a -> b) -> [a] -> [b] Ord a => [a] -> [a] Data.Set.insert +bytestring concat Enter your own search at the top of the page. The Hoogle manual contains more details, including further details on search queries, how. Haskell can derive the behavior of our types in these contexts if we use the deriving keyword when making our data type. Consider this data type: data Person = Person { firstName :: String , lastName :: String , age :: Int } It describes a person. Let's assume that no two people have the same combination of first name, last name and age. Now, if we have records for two people, does it make.

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  1. and you see that one of the constructors (the empty list []) does not use the type parameter a.There are types, where none of the constructors refers to the type parameter and these types are very useful, e.g. for defining numbers with type-checked physical dimensions
  2. Number data type is hold a numeric number in its value, haskell can infer the type of number. So while writing Number it is not mandatory to mention it's data type explicitly. For example, If you write 4 + 4, haskell would result 8 like in below image It not just works for integers but alos haskell can infer the data types for point values.
  3. Elementary Haskell: Recursion Lists II (map) Lists III (folds, comprehensions) Type declarations Pattern matching Control structures More on functions Higher-order functions Using GHCi effectively. edit this chapter. In the previous modules, we introduced and made occasional reference to pattern matching. Now that we have developed some familiarity with the language, it is time to take a.

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  1. Module: List: Function: insert: Type: Ord a => a -> [a] -> [a] Description: inserts the first argument before the first element in the list which is greater than the argumen
  2. Basically, because Data.Set is not an endofunctor over Hask, since its domain is only Ord (so it's a functor Ord -> Hask), whereas the Haskell Functor class is for Hask -> Hask endofunctors only
  3. Previously we mentioned that Haskell has a static type system. The type of every expression is known at compile time, which leads to safer code. If you write a program where you try to divide a boolean type with some number, it won't even compile. That's good because it's better to catch such errors at compile time instead of having your program crash. Everything in Haskell has a type, so the.

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This page lists all Haskell keywords, feel free to edit. Hoogle searches will return results from this page. Please respect the Anchor macros. For additional information you might want to look at the Haskell 2010 report How to make Data.Set a monad. Mar 15, 2007 • by Eric Kidd...and how to fake Lisp macros with Template Haskell (I wrote this article in response to a comment by sigfpe.You may find it pretty dry reading, unless you want to build domain-specific languages in Haskell. Proceed at your own risk. This site hosts downloads for Haskell.org, with lots of great stuff like: The Glasgow Haskell Compiler (Download here). The Haskell Cabal (Download here). The Haskell Platform (Download here). APT Repository for Debian. This site is accelerated and served by Fastly

A Haskell module is a collection of related functions, types and typeclasses. A Haskell program is a collection of modules where the main module loads up the other modules and then uses the functions defined in them to do something. Having code split up into several modules has quite a lot of advantages. If a module is generic enough, the functions it exports can be used in a multitude of. that imports the named module (in this case Data. Maybe).. However, there are more options: Modules can be imported qualified (forcing an obligatory namespace qualifier to imported identifiers).; Some identifiers can be skipped via the hiding clause.; The module namespace can be renamed, with an as clause.; Getting all of this straight in your head is quite tricky, so here is a table (lifted. Data Parallel Haskell Searching for Parallel Haskell? DPH is a fantastic effort, but it's not the only way to do parallelism in Haskell. To see any benefit from parallel execution, a data-parallel program needs to operate on a sufficiently large data set. Hence, instead of two small constant vectors, we might want to generate some larger input data: import System.Random (newStdGen) import. module Data.Set ( Set, empty , singleton , member ) where. Optional können auch mehrere Namen in einer Zeile aufgeführt werden. 1.10 Importdeklarationen. Die Importliste wird zunächst anhand der folgenden 3 Kategorien geordnet: Standardmodule, z.B. Data.List, System.IO; Eventuell verwendete Fremdbibliotheken (hier weniger relevant) Andere eigene Module; Die Importliste jeder Kategorie. Haskell Data set. 10. 8. 6. 4. 2. 6.0. 2.5. set-monad. 1.9. 0.0. set-extra. 2 set packages and projects Ordered by Popularity; Order By Dev Activity; set-monad . 6.0 2.5 Haskell Set monad. set-extra. 1.9 0.0 Haskell Functions that could be added to Data.Set. SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews View more from us. Add another 'set' Package Subscribe to our newsletter to know all the.

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Haskell: Powerset Raw. powerset.hs {-# LANGUAGE ScopedTypeVariables #-} import Data.Set as Set (Set, fromList, toList) import Control.Monad (filterM) import Data.List (subsequences)--The Set type only works on finite sets, not infinite sets--It is implemented via a balanced binary tree. --. Because databases are so important, Haskell support for them is important as well. In this chapter, we will introduce you to one of the Haskell frameworks for working with databases. We will also use this framework to begin building a podcast downloader, which we will further develop in Chapter 22, Extended Example: Web Client Programming. Overview of HDBC. At the bottom of the database stack. Many imperative languages have Switch case syntax: we take a variable and execute blocks of code for specific values of that variable. We might also include a catch-all block of code in case the variable has some value for which we didn't set up a case. But Haskell takes this concept and generalizes it: case constructs are expressions, much like if expressions and let bindings

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  1. Haskell was made by some really smart guys (with PhDs). Work on Haskell began in 1987 when a committee of researchers got together to design a kick-ass language. In 2003 the Haskell Report was published, which defines a stable version of the language. 1.3 What you need to dive in A text editor and a Haskell compiler. You probably already have.
  2. Haskell 8 . Data.Set. Data.Set. droits d'auteur (c) Daan Leijen 2002 Licence Style BSD Mainteneur [email protected] Portabilité import Data.Set (Set) import qualified Data.Set as Set Attention La taille de l'ensemble ne doit pas dépasser maxBound::Int. La violation de cette condition n'est pas détectée et si la taille limite est dépassée, son comportement est indéfini. la mise en.
  3. Recommended Haskell libraries. We recommend using rio as a standard library for Haskell. This provides a coherent set of libraries providing data structures and common practices, while removing some warts like partial functions. rio provides the following common needs out of the box by reexporting existing best-practices libraries: String types: use ByteString for binary data and Text for.
  4. Frames provides TemplateHaskell machinery to infer a Haskell type for each row of your data set, thus preventing the situation where your code quietly diverges from your data. We generate a collection of definitions generated by inspecting the data file at compile time (using tableTypes), then, at runtime, load that data into column-oriented storage in memory (an in-core array of structures.

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Haskell modules are a useful way to group a set of related functionalities into a single package and manage different functions that may have the same names. The module definition is the first thing that goes in your Haskell file. A basic module definition looks like: module YourModule where. Note that the name of the module begins with a capital letter; each file contains only one module. The. HTML5 is designed with extensibility in mind for data that should be associated with a particular element but need not have any defined meaning. data-* attributes allow us to store extra information on standard, semantic HTML elements without other hacks such as non-standard attributes, extra properties on DOM, or Node.setUserData() Der Stil ist angelehnt an den Haskell Style Guide von Johan Tibell, und ist eine Anpassung des Haskell-Programmierstil im Rahmen der Vorlesung Fortgeschrittene Programmierung. Grundsätzlich ist diese Anleitung als Richtlinie anzusehen, von der man in begründeten Fällen auch abweichen kann. Generelle Formatierung Zeilenlänge. Die maximale Zeilenlänge beträgt 80 Zeichen. Einrückung.

Haskell is quite a bit different when it comes to control structures for directing flow of your program. A statements is block of code which does not return any values after the execution, An Expression is also a block of code but expression returns some value. To start off with, Haskell has if expressions. This differentiates itself from an if. Integration point for ghcide and haskell-ide-engine. One IDE to rule them all. - haskell/haskell-language-serve Syntax Type Signature class Foldable t where foldr :: (a -> b -> b) -> b -> t a -> b Invocation foldr callback initialValue structure Parameter Pero ahora, vamos a ver como Haskell puede automáticamente hacer que nuestros tipos pertenezcan a una de las siguientes clases: Eq, Ord, Enum, Bounded, Show y Read. Haskell puede derivar el comportamiento de nuestros tipos en estos contextos si usamos la palabra clave deriving cuando los definimos. Considera el siguiente tipo de dato Nein, heute geht es nicht um Zungenbrecher, sondern um Minimale Spannbäume. Ich hatte mich schon einmal damit beschäftigt, wobei ich den Algorithmus von Prim in Scala implementiert hatte. Heute habe ich kleine Fingerübung den anderen bekannten Algorithmus, nämlich den von Kruskal, in Haskell implementiert. Ich will nicht allzu sehr auf die Details eingehen, denn mein

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Haskell 的 Data.Set 模組就提供了相關功能,因為要能排序,要使用 Data.Set 的 fromList 等函式,你的元素必須是可排序的,也就是必須具有 Ord 的行為: Data.Set 接受的元素必須具有 Ord 的行為,在於內部實作使用了樹狀結構,元素被加入樹時都會排序,因此,下個元素再加入時就可以很快地判定集合中. Haskell import Data. Set import Control. Monad powerset :: Ord a => Set a -> Set (Set a) powerset = fromList . fmap fromList . listPowerset . toList listPowerset :: [a]-> [[a]] listPowerset = filterM (const [True, False]) listPowerset describes the result as all possible (using the list monad) filterings (using filterM) of the input list, regardless (using const) of each item's value. powerset. This index includes documentation for many Haskell modules. For documentation on the GHC API, see ghc-8.11..20200827/index.html Haskell: Ein Beispiel für ein Faltbares, das kein Functor(oder nicht Traversable) ist? Und angesichts der Nützlichkeit von Data.Set, macht dies die Bemerkung, die Sie über interessante Data.Set, Data.Set s scheinen ein bisschen verdächtig, denke ich! Hier ist ein voll parametrisches Beispiel: data Weird a = Weird a (a -> a) instance Foldable Weird where foldMap f (Weird a b) = f $ b. Cabal goes into an infinite loop / runs out of memory. I just upgraded to ghc-6.10 and now cabal runs out of memory when I try to install somethin

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(upbeat music) - [Narrator] Hi, my name is James Church and this is beginning Haskell data analysis. In this course, we are going to learn about data analysis from the perspective of the Haskell programming language. We are going to use the iHaskell environment on the Juniper notebook system.. Now a little bit about myself Also habe ich in Haskell eine rechnergestützte Geometriebibliothek geschrieben, weil ich auf Hackage keine finden konnte, und ich dachte mir, dass es sowieso Spaß machen würde. Allerdings bin ich seit fast einer Woche an einem bestimmten Algorithmus festgefahren, den ich einfach nicht in eine nette hakerkähnliche Form bringen kann. Dieser Algorithmus ist der Bentley-Ottmann-Algorithmus.

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qualified Data. Set te. the = XState [ File. foretc. self]kJ - Errno; . !ÅirtowSer saver 'lea ) d . alex@thinkpad $ cowsay Danke fuer euer Interesse! < Danke fuer euer Interesse! ( : (00) \ Title: FunkPara Haskell Tag2 Author (BFröhlich) Created Date: 11/23/2018 9:45:28 PM. PureScript, which borrows heavily from Haskell's syntax (you could say it is Haskell for JavaScript but with strict evaluation) already had something like this for syntax for accessing records (JS objects). It wisely didn't also use the dot for function composition however. I hope it will be the norm to use some alias other than (.) for function composition when this extension is used A complete guide for datasets for deep learning. Here is the list of 25 open datasets for deep learning you should work with to improve your DL skills Click here to begin your online orientation journey with us. Haskell Indian Nations University's Report on Funds Received Under Section 18004(a)(1) of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Haskell now possesses the resources and wherewithal to provide Haskell students with an ou. Der Stil ist angelehnt an den Haskell Style Guide von Johan Tibell, wurde jedoch an die Bedürfnisse der Vorlesung angepasst. Grundsätzlich ist diese Anleitung als Richtlinie anzusehen, von der man in begründeten Fällen auch abweichen kann. 1 Generelle Formatierung 1.1 Zeilenlänge. Die maximale Zeilenlänge beträgt 80 Zeichen. 1.2 Einrückung. Tabulatoren sind böse, denn je nach.

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  1. hpack: A modern format for Haskell packages. Hpack is a format for Haskell packages. It is a modern alternative to the Cabal package format and follows different design principles. Design principles. The guiding design principles for Hpack are: Don't require the user to state the obvious, make sensible assumptions by defaul
  2. Haskell. The included snippet serves to give you an idea of the data structures, types, and names that we will be working with. You can find the setup for each specific solution in: haskell-lens: Contains the Lens apporach. haskell-record-dot: Contains the Record Dot Syntax apporach. Check out src/House.hs for the data structures, and src/Main.hs for all the examples throughout this post. data.
  3. For efficiency reasons, Set has an Ord constraint, but Functor has not! On top of that, even if the Ord constraint were not a problem, Set would still not satisfy. fmap (f . g) == fmap f . fmap g for some peculiar Eq instances. E.g.: import Data.Set as S newtype A = A Double deriving Show instance Eq A where (A a) == (A b) = round a == round b instance Ord A where (A a) <= (A b) = a <= b prova.
  4. Conjuntos - Módulo Data.Set. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queu

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  1. al. Pipes in R. Now that you have seen some history of the pipe operator in other program
  2. Haskell execution; pointer tagging; pointer tagging Last edited by Andreas Klebinger Mar 10, 2020. New page Page history Edit Pointer Tagging In GHC we tag pointers to heap objects with information about the object they point to. The tag goes in the low 2 bits (3 bits on a 64-bit platform) of the pointer, which would normally be zero since heap objects are always word-aligned. Key material.
  3. Includes overloaded functions for common set operations. See Data.Set.Class
  4. This course shows how to use Haskell for your data science needs. Instructor James Church first explains descriptive statistics, so you can discover the importance of ranges, means, medians, and.

The data set existed before this job step and can be read by other concurrent jobs. DSNAME ({dsname | DUMMY}) (extrapartition queues only) Specifies the name of the QSAM data set that is to be used to store records written to this extrapartition queue. When CICS receives a request to open an extrapartition transient data queue, the startup JCL is referenced to check if a data set definition. import qualified Data.Set as Set nubOrd :: Ord a => [a] -> [a] nubOrd xs = go Set.empty xs where go s (x:xs) | x `Set.member` s = go s xs | otherwise = x : go (Set.insert x s) xs go _ _ = [] In der Tat wurde proposed, nubOrd zu Data.Set. Eine andere Möglichkeit, Duplikate zu entfernen: unique :: [Int] -> [Int] unique xs = [x | (x,y) <- zip xs [0..], x `notElem` (take y xs)] Ich suchte (Eq a. Haskell Package Versioning Policy or is quite general (Data.Set or something similar) then the version increase SHOULD be major. Special situations Leaking instances There is a case where addition or removal of an instance in a package that the user doesn't depend on directly can still lead to compilation failures. Consider these three packages: Package A: module PackageA where.


Haskell语言学习笔记(54)Data.Set zwvista的专栏 . 12-14 370 Data.SetConstructionPrelude> import Data.Set as S Prelude S> empty fromList [] Prelude S> singleton 5 fromList [5] Prelude S> insert 3 $ fromList [4,5] fromList [3,4,5] Prelude S> delete 5 $ fromList [Haskell语言_学习笔记(持续更新ing) 大葱的田地. 09-03 335 What's Haskell? Haskell is a purely functional. This sampling allows us to load the Python data set in memory, while keeping its size comparable to the Haskell one. Let's first look at a few key characteristics of our data sets, namely the number of packages, total number of lines of code (LOC), LOC per package, number of words, and the most common word: Python Haskell; Number of packages: 3414: 2312: LOC: 6,048,755: 3,862,107: Average LOC. Search for Kansas GIS maps and property maps. Property maps show property and parcel boundaries, municipal boundaries, and zoning boundaries, and GIS maps show floodplains, air traffic patterns, and soil composition okay, das ist vermutlich in der Auftakt, aber: gibt es eine standard-library-Funktion für das finden der einzigartigen Elemente in einer Liste? mein

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haskell - mac - stack cannot install ghc mod . Muss der GHC-Mod vollständige Namen für Typen verwenden? (2 In current Haskell, using this signature is a little inconvenient: size:: Typ-> Integer size t = case view t of Unit-> 1 Arrow t1 t2-> size t1 + size t2 It is necessary to iterate the case, rather than using an equational function definition. And the situation is even worse when the matching against t is buried deep inside another pattern. In response, programmers sometimes eschew type. Gemeinschaften (8) Booking - 10% Rabatt haskell types syntax signature. Ich bin nicht sicher, ob ich die Typdefinition der foldl-Funktion in haskell verstehe. Wenn ich nach dem Foldl-Typ frage, sehe ich Folgendes: *Main> :t foldl foldl :: Foldable t => (b -> a -> b) -> b -> t a -> b Was ist in diesem Fall t a? Ich denke, das bedeutet, dass die Funktion einen Foldable verwendet, der mit a.

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Haskell implementation of the Nix language. SaaSHub - Software Alternatives and Reviews. SaaSHub will help you find the best software and product alternatives Promoted www.saashub.com code-builder. 9.8 0.0 popkey VS code-builder Simple system for generating code.. Aber ich habe fast eine Woche lang an einem bestimmten Algorithmus festgehalten, den ich einfach nicht verstehen kann schöne Haskell-like -Form. Dieser Algorithmus ist der Bentley-Ottmann-Algorithmus zum Auffinden der Schnittpunkte in einer Reihe von Liniensegmenten. Wenn Sie mit dem Algorithmus vertraut sind, können Sie bis zum letzten Absatz für meine Betteln überspringen : When You Should Use Lists in Haskell (Mostly, You Should Not) J. Waldmann, March 9, 2017.. Introduction. It seems that the designers of the programming language Haskell were madly in love with singly linked lists. They even granted notational privileges: e.g., the data constructor for a non-empty list (cons) uses just one letter (:) Looking at the Haskell standard, it also seems that. Prims Lazy Minimum Spanning Tree-Algorithmus in Haskell (Project Euler # 107) 4. Ich habe die Lazy-Version von Prim's Minimum Spanning Tree Algorithm.Ich möchte das verbessernCode-Strukturfolge überwiegendKonventionenund reduzierenCodegröße.Ich #107 Project Euler #107. Erläuterung: Ich mache für MST folgendes: Initialisieren Sie eine benachbarte Nachbarliste mit Knoten # 0, Heap. Haskell port of the Emokit EEG project. ideas. 8.3 0.0 Haskell Feedback services for intelligent tutoring systems. Scout APM: Application Performance Monitoring. Scout gets developers back to coding faster. An intuitive UI streamlines real-time performance insight so you can quickly pinpoint & resolve issues before the customer ever sees them. Start your free trial today! Promoted scoutapm.com.

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关于haskell:为什么Data.Set要求元素必须是Ord的实例? 2020-08-17 haskell set. Why does Data.Set require elements to be an instance of Ord? 这不行 1 2 3. data Cutlery = Knife | Fork deriving (Show, Eq) let x = [Knife,Fork] let set1 = Set.fromList x. 同时定义 1. data Cutlery = Knife | Fork deriving (Show, Ord, Eq) 解决了问题,但没有任何意义。 Data.Set是否. This is the Haskell Indian Nations University Campus Safety and Security Survey for 2013. It covers campus safety, criminal offenses and reporting and disciplinary actions. PDF; DOI CAS datajam. IAM Part 34 Chapter 6 Sexual Violence and Abuse at BIE Post-Secondary Institutions. The policy outlines procedures for Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) employees to follow in terms of educating the. Data Set: 2008-2012 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates Haskell County, Oklahoma Non-Hispanic by Race and Hispanic Population 0.0% 10.0% 20.0% 30.0% 40.0% 50.0% 60.0% 70.0% 80.0% White alone Black or African American alone American Indian and Alaska Native alone Asian alone Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone Some other race alone Two or more races: Hispanic or Latino 73.4%.

Regular expressions vs Parser Combinators in Haskell · plすごいHaskell楽しく学ぼう 第6章The Normal Equation for Linear Regression in Matrix Form
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